Plasma cutting

Dnepropetrovsk "Prodmash" factory offers the services of plasma cutting of stainless, structural steels, and non-ferrous metals.

At the moment, this type of cutting is one of the most efficient technologies of metal processing used in many branches of industry, in both mass and small batch production.




A key advantage of this technology - the ability to cut any refractory metals and their alloys. Stainless, carbon and high-alloy steels, and, besides, bronze, copper, brass, cast iron, titanium, various types of bi metal and aluminum are well pliant to this kind of processing.

Full computer control over the equipment allows us to manufacture the contour of any complexity in the shortest possible time - the process of implementation of the drawing into a finished metal item may take a few minutes.


Characteristic features:


  • High efficiency;
  • Even cut on metal, that does not require any further processing;
  • Low production cost;
  • Possibility to work with metal up to 30 mm thick;
  • Possibility to cut the parts of complex geometry without deformation of the material.

    Drawings of the parts shall be sent in AutoCAD (DXF DWG), Compass formats and in paper form.