Powder coating

Powder coating – is a process of applying powdered polymer coatings on the item`s surface. Nowadays it is the innovative technology that allows to produce high-quality items.


High-quality powder coating can be carried out only with professional equipment. It affects the durability of the item as a whole. Powder coating is to protect the item from the adverse effects of external factors. It has high resistance to various physical and mechanical influences.


Powder coating is a modern, efficient, environmentally safe technology created to provide a superior decorative and protective covering for various objects.


Decorative - surfaces acquire unattainable with conventional technologies properties. For exampl: gold, silver and aluminum glittering, plus a wide range of colors.


Strong and durable - Powder Coatings posess increased chemical resistance and physical and mechanical properties, the coatings are corrosion resistant. These properties allow you to get shatterproof, chemically resistant, anty-corrosive coating capable of operating in temperatures ranging from -60 to 150 ° C. Furthermore it minimizes the damage dyed items get during transportation.


Environmentally friendly – the absence of solvents settles the problem of environmental and personal safety. Powder coatet items are totally harmless in contact with food and medicines.